The meta-analysis of research suggests that faster relocation to higher class helps high-ability students…

especially with academic achievement. The Effects of Acceleration on High-Ability Learners: A Meta-Analysis, Saiying Steenbergen-HuSidney M.Moon, Gifted Child Quarterly, Vol 55, Issue 1, pp. 39 – 53, First published date: October-20-2010, 10.1177/0016986210383155

Uncompleted goals are particularly likely to stay on your mind.

Smit surveyed 103 employed people. He asked them to report which goals they completed and which goals they left unfinished at the close of each day. Before bed they reported on how much these goals had occupied their thoughts. The incomplete goals intruded their minds more. If participants rated a goal as somewhat unimportant it […]

Researchers found that admission of an imperfection is an effective strategy to reducing a negative reaction.

It also helps to cope with the negative assessment of our person or presented contents. Students were divided into three groups during the experiment. The first group was asked to read some text preceded by information that the material may be incomprehensible. The second group received this same information after reading it, while the third […]

The properties of touchable objects influence our behavior.

During the interview, the employers held either a hard piece of wood or a soft blanket. It turned out that the employers from the first group estimated him as more relentless and firm compared to the soft blanket group during the interview. There were no differences in women. Ackerman JM, Nocera CC, & Bargh JA (2010). […]

An experiment proved that whether we are happy or not with our appearance affected our intellectual functioning.

  A study of approx. 390 participants showed that those who feel better about their body (wearing sweaters) performed better on math tests. The second group tested swimsuits. Hebl, M., King, E., & Lin, J. (2004). The swimsuit becomes us all: Ethnicity, gender, and vulnerability to self-objectification. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Children born to women who are forty years old are smarter.

Research between 1958 and 1970 showed that children born to mothers aged 25-29 years received the best results on tests. Another large study in 2001 showed that the results had turned. According to scientists, today’s women over 40 years old are more resourceful than young mothers. They are better educated and normally they know what […]

Time is also a principal factor for wealthy people as well as money.

Corley says that „Investment of our time on anything is lost forever”. Try to avoid wasting your time on less important app such as end watching Netflix or Instagram posts. you can be selective about the type of app you access. Once you handle time as the greatest risk, you become more exposed on how to […]

Corley says that self-made successful millionaires engage in many streams of income.

 Sixty-five percent of millionaires have at least three sources of income. They do this before making their first million dollars. Side-business or income-generating investments like real estates are good. Diversifying sources of income allows you to weather the economic downturns that occur. „Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. Strategies that Transformed 177 Average People into Self-Made Millionaires„. […]

Research shows that a 89 percent of self-made millionaires sleeps well.

They sleep above seven to eight hours per night. Corley explains how sleep is a function of success. He laid emphasis on how sound sleep boosts memory and creative thinking. Albert Einstein spends at least 10 hours to sleep at night. ”Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. Strategies that Transformed 177 Average People into Self-Made Millionaires“. Tom […]