Mixed-sex interactions may harm thinking.

Researchers performed two studies. In the first, participants interacted either with a same-sex or opposite-sex partner. Results showed that men’s cognitive performance declined from a mixed-sex encounter, but this wasn’t true for women. Interacting with women can impair men’s cognitive functioning; Johan C. Karremans; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology; Volume 45, Issue 4, July 2009, Pages 1041–1044

Researchers studied who did tasks such as making the shopping list for Christmas, or preparing for a date or a meal.

Researchers studied who did tasks such as making the shopping list for Christmas, or preparing for a date or a meal. Research has shown that sharing the smaller steps of a project allows you to get the full task or project done faster.

Research shows that a 89 percent of self-made millionaires sleeps well.

They sleep above seven to eight hours per night. Corley explains how sleep is a function of success. He laid emphasis on how sound sleep boosts memory and creative thinking. Albert Einstein spends at least 10 hours to sleep at night. ”Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. Strategies that Transformed 177 Average People into Self-Made Millionaires“. Tom […]

Research also shows that persistent exercise drives you to your greatest potential.

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A custom office helps workers be more productive.

This study shows that workers who can change their office work better than those who can’t. Having control over office space allows people to feel more comfortable. This lets them work better. The study shows that rich workplace decor produces better team performance than lean spaces. Greenaway, K., Thai, H., Haslam, S., & Murphy, S. […]

88% of wealthy people spend approximately 30 minutes daily to read educative books.

  They rarely read for fun and enjoyment. Most rich people study self-help books, history and bibliographies. Reading a good novel to derive pleasure has positive significance to your career. You can add positive value by reading biographies of people that moved from grass to grace. Biographies reveal the problems, approach and success stories of […]

Self-compassion does not delay your productivity.

People who forgive themselves and reward themselves don’t perform worse than those who don’t; they perform better. Kelley J. Robinson, Selina Mayer, Ashley Batts Allen, Meredith Terry, Ashley Chilton,  and Mark R. Leary “Resisting self-compassion: Why are some people opposed to being kind to themselves?” Self and Identity, Volume 15, 2016

Even a viewing gallery of small sweet cats and dogs increases energy, helps to deal with anxiety, even it helps to focus.

Myrick, J. G. (2015). Emotion regulation, procrastination, and watching cat videos online: Who watches Internet cats, why, and to what effect? Computers in Human Behaviour, 5, 168–176. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2015.06.001

Participants who added something pleasant to exercise, like listening to The Hunger Games, practiced more willingly (about 51%).

 Katherine L. Milkman, Julia A. Minson, Kevin G. M. Volpp, „Holding the Hunger Games Hostage at the Gym: An Evaluation of Temptation Bundling”, Manage Science. 2014 Feb; 60(2): 283–299. doi:  10.1287/mnsc.2013.1784

In order to remember everyday things, use intentions implementation with when, if, and then.

In order to remember everyday things, use intentions implementation with when, if, and then. There’s a study of epilepsy sufferers who were having trouble being regular with their medication regimen. They were given an “if, when, then” statement to make, such as, “If it’s eight o’clock in the morning and I’ve finished brushing my teeth, […]