Mixed-sex interactions may harm thinking.

Researchers performed two studies. In the first, participants interacted either with a same-sex or opposite-sex partner. Results showed that men’s cognitive performance declined from a mixed-sex encounter, but this wasn’t true for women. Interacting with women can impair men’s cognitive functioning; Johan C. Karremans; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology; Volume 45, Issue 4, July 2009, Pages 1041–1044

Researchers recorded a fragment of speech from middle-aged women with rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer.

They found that those who swore in the company of other people had increased depression. What more, those same people also lost social support. The study has its limitations, as the sample. Swearing by women has an adverse effect on their social support. Particularly, societal norms dictate that women shouldn’t swear. The same study performed […]

Intelligent men are always attractive

A group of 204 women were evaluated based on the long- and short-term appeal of videos of 15 men. They had a known level of intelligence and physical features. Findings say that women look for geniuses for both one-night stands and for long-term relationships. However, other studies suggest that women don’t care about the brain […]

An experiment confirmed the assumption by a psychologist that children learn aggression from adults.

One group of children watched an adult model physical and verbal aggressive behavior. The second group watched a “peaceful” model. And a third group didn’t watch anybody. The study found that children in the „aggressive” group often imitated aggressiveness when they played with a doll, more so than the other groups. The aggressive behavior of […]

A study has found how we may have difficulty judging our own abilities.

The study used a set of mini-games to test a person’s skill. They played with a pair of other researches, with or against them. The researchers were not actually playing. The games they played had predetermined endings. Some of the games the researchers won. Some of them the test players won. When we’re competing with […]

Good story-tellers are more attractive for women

Surveys found that the story itself didn’t matter all that much. How you present the story is what matters most. Women were more interested in talented male story-tellers as long-term partners. They considered storytellers to have higher status than non-storytellers. The mental effort of a person near you will intensify your concentration levels. John K. Donahue, Melanie […]

It turns out that your feelings toward your phone show your feelings toward people.

Attached people also described using their phones more for accessing social networking sites. They also used them more for smart phone functions. Veronika Konok, Dora Gigler, Boroka Maria Bereczky, Adam Miklosi “Humans’ attachment to their mobile phones and its relationship with interpersonal attachment style” Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 61, August 2016

There are a few things that help to overcome depression.

The thing that helped people the most was relationships. A person who has a strong relationship is more likely to get out of depression. The next thing is to have a good income. That may be hard to do, but if you can manage it then you have a better chance of getting out of […]