A custom office helps workers be more productive.

This study shows that workers who can change their office work better than those who can’t. Having control over office space allows people to feel more comfortable. This lets them work better. The study shows that rich workplace decor produces better team performance than lean spaces. Greenaway, K., Thai, H., Haslam, S., & Murphy, S. […]

There are a few things that help to overcome depression.

The thing that helped people the most was relationships. A person who has a strong relationship is more likely to get out of depression. The next thing is to have a good income. That may be hard to do, but if you can manage it then you have a better chance of getting out of […]

"Fully 85% or more of all physical illnesses today are psychosomatic in origin:

„psycho,”, the mind, makes „soma”, the body, sick. The very act of letting go and relaxing and practicing solitude and meditation on a regular basis dramatically lowers your levels of stress and tension and raises your level of energy and awarness.” “Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income” – Brian […]

Religion or spirituality has positive impact

on romantic/marital relationships, child development, research shows. Adolescents who attend religious services with one or both of their parents are more likely to feel greater well-being while romantic partners who pray for their “significant others” experience greater relationship commitment, according to research.

Religion and Well-being

„Results showed that among people who were more genetically predisposed toward social sensitivity (i.e., G/G genotype), Koreans had greater psychological well-being if they were more religious; however, European Americans with the G/G genotype had lower psychological well-being if they were more religious.”

You need seven to eight hours of sleep each night for optimal performance.

Second, almost all successful people practice the old saying: „Early to bed, and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Early rising give you an opportunity to read, reflect, and meditate. „Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income” – Brian Tracy

Expressive writing is used to diminish difficult life experiences.

For example „in an experiment with 63 recently unemployed professionals, those assigned to write about the thoughts and emotions surrounding their job loss were reemployed MORE QUICKLY than those who wrote about non- traumatic topics or who did not write at all. Expressive writing appeared to influence individuals’ attitudes about their old jobs and about finding […]

A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind

Researchers developed a smartphone technology to sample people’s ongoing thoughts, feelings, and actions and found (i) that people are thinking about what is not happening almost as often as they are thinking about what is and (ii) found that doing so typically makes them unhappy. source: „A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind” Matthew A. Killingsworth*, Daniel […]

Smiling helps boost your mood and increase happiness

Whereas other studies have examined effects of emotional expression on immediate emotional experience, this study investigated the more lasting influence of practised  expressions. Participants repeatedly produced the facial expressions and postures associated with either Happiness , Sadness or Anger. Subsequently, participants responsive to their bodily, personal cues felt more of the emotions they practised, even […]