Studies have shown that caffeine interferes with the memory. 

Participants began adding fake words to the list after having only 100 mg of coffee which is equal to one cup. Caroline R. Mahoney , Tad T. Brunyé , Grace E. Giles , Tali Ditman , Harris R. Lieberman & Holly, & A. Taylor (2012). Caffeine increases false memory in nonhabitual consumers Journal of Cognitive Psychology

A Daily Cold Shower Seems to Work Better Than Drinking Coffee

3018 people took daily cold showers for 30 days for at least 30 seconds. Participants who took a cold shower recovered faster from flu than those who didn’t. But they did get sick as often as the rest of society. Work productivity and levels of anxiety didn’t increase. But the participants experienced other benefits like […]

Coffee can help you at your next meeting, if you’re a woman

This all depends on whether you are a man or a woman. The conflict resolution strategies causes them to react in different ways. Women during a experiment improved in stressful meetings using caffeine. This was because they tended to have a conflict resolution style that is more collaborative. Men in the experiment tended to do worse after […]