Could the smiles in women’s graduation photos predict anything about their lives decades later?

50 years of monitoring 110 women from Mills College showed that: „The warmer the woman’s smile, 20 and 30 years later she was feeling more accomplished in her goals, she was handling stress better, she was getting along better with other people, and she was more happily married.” „Born to Be Good: The Science of […]

Metaphors helps you reduce your negative emotions

Fifty participants spent 5 minutes each day for a week to write about their negative emotions. They wrote either literal words such as, “I felt anxious or confused,” or they used metaphorical words such as, “I felt like a leaf in the wind.” Only the participants who wrote metaphors decreased their depression and negative emotion […]

"Fully 85% or more of all physical illnesses today are psychosomatic in origin:

„psycho,”, the mind, makes „soma”, the body, sick. The very act of letting go and relaxing and practicing solitude and meditation on a regular basis dramatically lowers your levels of stress and tension and raises your level of energy and awarness.” “Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income” – Brian […]

Reading literary fiction boosts readers’ emotional skills

If you read literary fiction, it boosts your emotional intelligence. Although the genre of fiction in general didn’t improve emotional skills. There is no strict distinction between literary and genre fiction. But we include in literary fiction, for instance, Lydia Davis, George Orwell, and Kazuo Ishiguro. For instance, romances, or books by Rosamunde Pilcher, Tom Clancy, and […]

Once tissue [skin, organs] are removed from a human body, our connection with those removed parts ceases to exist.

The DNA sample was isolated and placed in a specially-designed chamber and taken to another room in the same building. An extraordinary thing happened. When the donor’s measured responses registered emotional ‘peaks’ or ‘dips,’ the donor’s DNA showed a simultaneous electrical response that either spiked or dipped. The DNA acted as if it were still […]

Expressive writing is used to diminish difficult life experiences.

For example „in an experiment with 63 recently unemployed professionals, those assigned to write about the thoughts and emotions surrounding their job loss were reemployed MORE QUICKLY than those who wrote about non- traumatic topics or who did not write at all. Expressive writing appeared to influence individuals’ attitudes about their old jobs and about finding […]

A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind

Researchers developed a smartphone technology to sample people’s ongoing thoughts, feelings, and actions and found (i) that people are thinking about what is not happening almost as often as they are thinking about what is and (ii) found that doing so typically makes them unhappy. source: „A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind” Matthew A. Killingsworth*, Daniel […]