Could the smiles in women’s graduation photos predict anything about their lives decades later?

50 years of monitoring 110 women from Mills College showed that: „The warmer the woman’s smile, 20 and 30 years later she was feeling more accomplished in her goals, she was handling stress better, she was getting along better with other people, and she was more happily married.” „Born to Be Good: The Science of […]

Metaphors helps you reduce your negative emotions

Fifty participants spent 5 minutes each day for a week to write about their negative emotions. They wrote either literal words such as, “I felt anxious or confused,” or they used metaphorical words such as, “I felt like a leaf in the wind.” Only the participants who wrote metaphors decreased their depression and negative emotion […]

Our happiness with our salary depends on how much people similar to us earn.

However, it depended also on how much people earned for doing jobs different from theirs. It doesn’t depend if in the same or at another company. __________________________________ Sweeney, P.D. & McFarlin, D.B. (2005). Wage comparisons similar and dissimilar to others. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 78, 113-133.

Research Showed It’s Better to Have Two Passions (Hobbies) in Life Than One

Researchers surveyed 1,218 undergrads about their most favorite activity and their second favorite. The researchers found that having two passions is better than having one. By this you enhance happiness, well being, and positive moods. You can even separate the same period of time into two passions instead of one. It still increases your happiness […]

Life Is Better and Happier For People Who Believe Willpower Is Unlimited

This is because they are better able to cope when life gets more difficult. This experiment focused on people who joined online groups. Those who were strong willed scored their life as happier than those who were not. People who are strong willed also score higher in exams than those who are not. Bernecker, K.; Herrmann, […]