Research reveals significant reading delays for children exposed to airport noise.

Children exposed to chronic loud noise also have higher blood pressure and stress hormones. They are less motivated to perform on challenging language tasks. „The Effects of the Physical Environment on Children’s Development„; Kimberly Kopko, Ph.D, Outreach-extension

88% of wealthy people spend approximately 30 minutes daily to read educative books.

  They rarely read for fun and enjoyment. Most rich people study self-help books, history and bibliographies. Reading a good novel to derive pleasure has positive significance to your career. You can add positive value by reading biographies of people that moved from grass to grace. Biographies reveal the problems, approach and success stories of […]

Reading literary fiction boosts readers’ emotional skills

If you read literary fiction, it boosts your emotional intelligence. Although the genre of fiction in general didn’t improve emotional skills. There is no strict distinction between literary and genre fiction. But we include in literary fiction, for instance, Lydia Davis, George Orwell, and Kazuo Ishiguro. For instance, romances, or books by Rosamunde Pilcher, Tom Clancy, and […]