Children who are touched and hugged by their mothers are more relaxed and have calmer minds.

The research has some serious limitations. The possible unknown factors are driving differences in amounts of touch and in the children’s brain development like genes. Bigelow, A. E., Power, M., MacLellan-Peters, J., Alex, M., & McDonald, C. (2012). Effect of mother-infant skin-to-skin contact on postpartum depression and maternal physiological stress.  Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and […]

Could the smiles in women’s graduation photos predict anything about their lives decades later?

50 years of monitoring 110 women from Mills College showed that: „The warmer the woman’s smile, 20 and 30 years later she was feeling more accomplished in her goals, she was handling stress better, she was getting along better with other people, and she was more happily married.” „Born to Be Good: The Science of […]

Exercise Can Help Ease Depression

An exercise group’s depression was reduced while studying symptoms of depression. It started to work after three weeks, and at the program end. During this time, the control group’s depression symptoms remained unchanged. __________________________________ Craft, L.L. (2005). „Exercise and clinical depression: examining two psychological mechanisms.” Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 6, 151-171.