The meta-analysis of research suggests that faster relocation to higher class helps high-ability students…

especially with academic achievement. The Effects of Acceleration on High-Ability Learners: A Meta-Analysis, Saiying Steenbergen-HuSidney M.Moon, Gifted Child Quarterly, Vol 55, Issue 1, pp. 39 – 53, First published date: October-20-2010, 10.1177/0016986210383155

In 76 percent of situations, a toddler’s  act out of aggression without being provoked

Although, these unprovoked violent outburst decreased in the second year of life. What’s more, the aggressive infant did not show any signs of obvious distress. What is also interesting, researchers scored the violent toddlers as higher in their tendency to show pleasure. It suggests that they use force as a form of fun interaction, not […]